it’s time to play whodunit again

except it’s the ‘why do i feel like garbage and why am i eating literally everything why does my face look like that why does my back hurt why is tylenol useless what else here can i eat what the hell is this what the hell is that’dunit and the answer is the same every goddamn month


Aboriginal NHL player Jordan Nolan for the LA Kings in Garden River, Ontario holding the Stanley Cup.



Aboriginal NHL player Jordan Nolan for the LA Kings in Garden River, Ontario holding the Stanley Cup.


whenever i’m walking through a dark park alone late at night, i have twin warring thoughts:

1. my mother would be so mad if she knew where i was right now

2. my mother should know where i am right now

I shouldn't say this, right?

  • Former Boss: Hey, let's meet up for coffee! I want to know what you're up to this year!
  • Me: Living below the poverty line, mostly.




Bless that one person in every group that is like “keep going, I’m listening” and encourages you to finish your story even when everyone else is talking over you.

Bless that one person that says “sorry you were going to say something a while ago” even when the conversation topic has changed

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t-v-t said: hi! i just came to nyc for a few weeks and i'm not familiar with the city at all. could you list some cool places to visit?


i don’t actually go out much, i’m a cheap asshole. 

  1. go to dover street market, cry at clothes and beautiful people
  2. do the same thing at opening ceremony
  3. visit my exhibition at american two shot. lol
  4. have irl magical lingerie moments at journelle. try on lingerie. walk around the store in a white terrycloth robe. eat the free chocolate they give you. 
  5. say hello to the wizard in washington square park. he’s my favorite dude. 
  6. go eat some shaved ice and maybe okonomiyaki (not in that order) from otafuku. do not eat it on the bench outside otafuku. bring it to the bench in the fake park across from urban outfitters two blocks away and stare at dogs. 
  7. go eat taro ice cream somewhere. 
  8. then go to tokio 7 and buy cheap designer clothes if you are able. or cry in the dressing room because you can’t. i do both.
  9. do not give money to the fake nuns and monks on the street. call them assholes. 
  10. go gallery hopping — there are plenty of cool exhibitions happening right now. also: free air conditioning. 
  11. kill some time by going to the angelika or BAM. both always are playing excellent movies. i love them both.
  12. waste time in the strand bookstore. 
  13. do the same at the housing works bookstore and/or mcnally jackson.
  14. i think harinef hosts a thing called club yes! every wednesday? go to that. it’s chill. maybe you will see me there if you are lucky. 
  15. late at night go with friends to veselka. 
  16. make out with someone on the high line. 
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The Waterfall, Jacob van Ruisdael, 1665-70


The Waterfall, Jacob van Ruisdael, 1665-70

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Food doesn’t taste better or worse when documented by Instagram. Laughter is as genuine over Skype as it would be sharing a sofa. Pay attention. Take in nature, hold someone’s hand, read a book. But don’t ever apologize for snapping a photo of a sunrise after a hike, or blogging about the excitement of having a crush, or updating your goodreads account. All of these things are good and should be celebrated. Smile at strangers on the sidewalk and like your friends’ selfies. It’s all good for the human spirit.
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